join the movement - Trailblazers powered by DLOT


You don’t have to invent flying cars or be a celebrity to lead the change.  You don’t have to be vegan, dedicate your life to help the poor or conquer the streets to protest against global warming.  All you need is a desire to make the world a better place.

We believe in a gradual transformation. We take reality as it is and try to move society towards a more sustainable future.

Maybe your social, political or economic environment does not allow you to have a sustainable life: the necessary tools to recycle or the financial means to buy environmentally friendly products and organic food. Dedicating a fraction of your time to sustainable development makes you a trailblazer.

We’re looking for interns for both our company and nonprofit organization, under the DLOT umbrella. You can get involved in our projects, actively or remotely, without getting far from your comfort-zone, leading the change without sacrifices.

🗸Does your personality fit our values?
🗸Would you like to contribute to make the world a better place?
🗸Do you have any talents/skills that can help us achieve our mission?
🗸Would you like to develop those skills?
🗸Are you interested in gaining hand-on experience on a certain position/department?
🗸Do you like spending time outdoors?
🗸Do you have the willingness to learn and the courage to test your ideas?

If the answer is Yes, you’re in the right place. Welcome!

Tell us what you would like to do and how much time you can commit, and we will find a way to highlight your skills. Even if it’s just 10 minutes per day or one time only, it will count.

If you are not sure if what we can offer suits you, we made a pros & cons list for working with us.


🗙 it does not generate financial benefits;

🗙 it does not provide the necessary tools (laptop, car, phone etc);

🗙 it is not a notorious company;

🗙 it is not a big company which can offer opportunities for advancement on short term;

🗙 it does not have a consistent client portfolio;

🗙 the team does not consist of important people, with an impressive working experience;

🗙 few followers on social media;

🗙 does not possess the financial resources to implement big projects.


🗸 you make your own working schedule;

🗸 you can work from wherever you want;

🗸 based on the level of involvement and results, there is the possibility to be hired in the future;

🗸 for Romania-based interns/volunteers, expenditures such as transport, fuel, stationary, prints and other, are reimbursed;

🗸 being at the beginning of our activity, your contribution can be easily quantified to measure the value added to the company’s growth;

🗸 you’ll participate to brainstorming and your ideas will be taken into account. You can also propose campaigns and strategies, even business direction;

🗸 you’ll lead the change in society, labor market, employers and brands, towards a sustainable development;

🗸 you’ll work with simple people which have encountered many issues in the working environment, such as micro-management, unhealthy corporate culture and lack of development opportunities for the self;

🗸 you have nothing to lose, you can quit at any time you feel it no longer suits you or if we did not meet your expectations.

Explore the sections of this website to find out details about our projects, collaborations and the ways you can support us.